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Hi there. Anyone have any experience with this or similar combo? Of course, I can ask my local shop to arrange the test, but it may be difficult to find one in my area with that combination and...

Maybe silly for some, but what actually represent "finishes" cathegory in stereo amps reviews?

is A19 sensitive to CD player as well or rather speakers?   I am thinking about following combo A19 Oppo 103 - as CD, SACD player Focal Aria 926 Pioneer N50 as streamer   what do you think?

and does it sound as a good combo?...

I realized I am lost in analog and digital inputs and outputs (audio or video)...

great! thanks. I will review that PS3 suggestion as well

shame, I am not ready to pay this one and AVR on top of it. I would probably go with that cheaper award winning Sony and will use my MR603 as amp.