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Can we have a debate please what do people think will be a better speaker system overall I apprecaite you may say it depends what  AV amp you choose but pound for pound what speaker do you believe

The Question what our the main differences between the samsung samsung 64 inch ps64d800 and the samsung 63 PS63C7000Apart from the one inch of course......?

Pound for pound I'm looking and trying to compare the differences between the two amps.

How come I cant find a decent review on  the Samsung PS63C7000. itis 63 inch of pure 3D muscle.

All was fine with my current LG HD TV & SKy HD Box until I got a new Sofa. Now I have a new Sofa I need to rearrange my setup. This is where my brain went into overdrive.

I am looking for a state of the art set 50+ inches.