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This guy is offering passport and document forgeries ...

Just to let you know there is a review of the Quad Vena in the current issue of 'Hi-Fi World'.

Soldier, newspaper ediitor, male model, Hollywood movie extra, longbow archer, bagpipe player, swordsman, an original Commando, highly decorated war hero, prisoner-of-war and eccentric.

Yosemite downloaded and installed on Mac Mini yesterday evening.

Working fine.

Will explore some of the new features after I have iOS 8.1 on my iThings in the next day-or-two.

A Naim at John Lewis.

(I think it's a first for them.)

iOS 8 ugrade on my iPhone 5 whizzed through in about 45 minutes this morning (started it @ 10:30 to miss the 'rush' on the servers in the USA).

Can someone remind me what the point of a dedicated streamer is? (I get this confused sometimes.)