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iOS 8 ugrade on my iPhone 5 whizzed through in about 45 minutes this morning (started it @ 10:30 to miss the 'rush' on the servers in the USA).

Can someone remind me what the point of a dedicated streamer is? (I get this confused sometimes.)

Just thinking in public about which direction to take my 'big radio' in next. (By that I mean my system which plays some form of radio most of the day, every day.)

What do our hi-fi 'dilemmas' seem like to normal folk?

A bit like this lady's problem would sound to us maybe?...

Will a 21.5" or 24" (1920 x 1080) monitor connected to a Mac Mini with HDMI (at both ends) function fully in all respects as a monitor, or is it just for connection to AV devices?

B&W just sent out an email announcing their Z2 now costs £169.

The price at the time of the original 4 star WHF? review was £330.

The BBC have started selling audio CDs again after the demise of their previous CD publisher 'AudioGo'.

I still want to access the old blogs occasionally.

I'd like to hear from anyone playing music (especially radio) using Bluetooth aptX between a smartphone / tablet and a good BT aptX receiver plugged into their hi-fi.