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I have a Chord QuteHD and a Plinius 9200, I m wondering whether people use power supplies for such equipment.


Has anyone seen the Astell Kern Ak10?


Anyone bought it?

My current setup is AudioLab MDAC -> Plinius 9200 -> Spendor A6

I am currently using VDH D102mk3 interconnects but might get changed also

Has anyone heard this combination? Does it work?

All digital users have probably tried out WASAPI and ASIO or even maybe Kernel Streaming. I have tried all 3 and was left underwhelmed. Then I heard about this....

I currently own 1 Audiolab MDAC and 1 set of Spendor A6 speaker. Which amplifier setup do you think will sound better?

AudioLab DAC -> Plinius 9200 -> Spendor A6


I recently acquired 24 feet of QED XTube-400 for a very good price. However it isn terminated.

Previously I used a setup that contained Quad 12L speakers, biamped and biwired with a Cyrus 8vs and Cyrus 8 power. Last year, I sold the Quads and purchased the Spendors.

My current system is Music Fidelity X-Dac -> Cyrus 8vs & Cyrus 8 Power -> Quad 12L speakers.

Recently the DAC broke and I have agreed to sell on the speakers.