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just got a 64gb 5s  and was planing to use match so I can add and remove music without pluging it into the mini.

My rel quake hasn't worked for some time,so as I'm giving my system the once over I sent the board of to rels engineers for a service.

Need a new tweeter for my mezzo 2 and got a price of £85 for a single unit

does any one no if the tweeter for the mezzo 1 would fit? Are all the mezzo tweeters the same size?


was thinking of getting one, of these for the bedroom does any one have one or no if they will go on a wall bracket.

cant find this info online.


My 1050 rotel that runs the left front speaker keeps going into protection mode every 5,10 minutes 

have noticed it with sky and ps3

Hi all,

was thinking of getting a sports camera to film some of my runs.

Installed my new 15 meter hdmi today from amp to projector after checking it (don't want to get caught out with them sparkles again)

Just spent 10 minutes writing a post ,only for this site to gobble it up again and what's with all the lag on my ipad when typing it only happens on this site.

Any chance of getting a review of one of these, I no most people like to turn of any video enhancements but I've been hearing good things about this on some American podcasts.

Any one got any tips on repairing a hdmi lead, the terminal got damaged so I chopped the end off to expose the wires I've got,