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I would be interested in people's views on Mordaunt-Short speakers - I have owned some MS812's (quite well regarded in their day) and more recently some MS10's (which no longer work).

I would like a new *something* to play music.

My music collection consists of around 600 CD's, of which 8-10% has been ripped onto a very old HP laptop.

I recently bought this tv, and to be fair, im a little dissapointed with the sound.

I have recently purchased the new Motorhead album 'Aftershock' and Black Sabbath's '13' and wow, what fantastic albums they are.

Richer Sounds are currently selling the Marantz MCR603 for £299.95 until the 27/06/13.I know the replacement model is just around the corner but still, it's a bargain!

Well the final piece of my hi-fi jigsaw arrived today, a pair of Mordaunt-Short MS10 speakers. I need to get some speaker cable, I think Van Damme or something similar will do nicely.

I am shortly going to audition some speakers; unfortunately, I do not have the time to spend hours after hours at my local hi-fi dealer going through all of my favourite albums in order to help me


My new set-up currently consists of a Kenwood KA-3020SE amp, and a soon to arrive Pioneer PD-S505 CD player.

I am now looking for some speakers, but don't know where to start.

Hello fellow forum members,

I am looking to put together a seperates system for my lounge with a view to moving my Yamaha MCR-140 into the bedroom.

Quite a few years ago I was the proud owner of a Rotel RCD-1050 source, Roksan Kandy amp and some Mordaunt-Short MS812 speakers.