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I would like to know what is the best android TV box, the so called Droid boxes, for streaming XBMC etc.

I am looking for some quality basic speakers for a desktop PC.

I am looking for a micro music system around £50 - don't mind if it goes slightly over that limit.

It's got to have CD, cassette player, mp3 capability and radio atleast.

Now that the digital swithchover is complete in London, I was just wondering if anyone can receive any stray analogue signals from foreign or even domestic broadcasters.

Just wondering if anyone has some experience with these - which is the better in the under £50 range - the Vivitar 790HD 3D camcorder - or the Aiptek 3D i2 camcorder?


What is the best standalone internet streaming player for TV?

And for under £50?

Which is good for wifi streaming to a TV, Roku, View 21 - or another brand of model?


We've got a Sony Bravia HDTV and want to connect it via ethernet to our wi fi network.

I've heard powerline adapters are best suited for this as the signal is usually more continuous.