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I'm looking for advice on HDMI Splitters as after downsizing to a 2 channel set up I no longer use my AV receiver for anything more than that, to switch inputs between Sky box, PS3 & blu-ray pl

I've tried a number of times now to add a new topic in this forum...if this works now, I'll add the photos....

I've got around £1k to upgrade my hifi, but not sure if this is best put to use on speakers or a power amp(s).

Couldn't find any forum posts on this subject, there's a few things on the web, but thought I'd ask here.

I am limited to running all my Hifi and AV from one double wall socket; currently the set up has two 6 way extension blocks off each socket used as follows:


Since getting an Audiolab 8200cdq, my pearl lite has been used in power amp mode and whilst it sounds good, I'm thinking of putting it away for the time being and replacing it with a dedicated powe

Just wondering what sort of volume levels you listen at, and what's considered 'loud'?

Greetings all & happy new year. I've caught the upgrade bug and I'm looking for a major lift in performance for CD playback over my current setup.

Been keeping an eye on the skies for a while now and something's definitely not right with these trails.

Can't find any reviews on the m250, has anyone owned/tried these, particularly with Marantz PM-KI pearl lite amp?