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I saw somewhere that the remaining Sky Sports hd channels, namely 3,4, F1 and Sky Sports News were coming to Virgin Media in the summer.

Anybody know when ?


Does anybody know if this is being shown this side of the pond ? My kids are driving me nuts, "Dad when is it coming on", as they love it and it was standard Sunday night viewing in our place.

I have purchased a 2012 VW Passat which has had the media-in unit removed.
I am trying to buy one to enable me to play my i-pod classic in the car, but it is a bit of a minefield.

I currently have a Fiio E7 with my 5th gen ipod classic and am looking to upgrade the amp.

Elysium blu ray. £10 at Asda, in store and online.

I have a new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 works phone.

The issue is it takes an absolute age to charge while in the car. I am using a Samsung charger and the usb cable supplied with the phone.

The World wakes up a sadder place this morning, One of the few "True" political leaders. Not in it for his own ends, but to help the people and see injustice defeated. Never Forgotten. R.I.P.

I was in Manchester on business last week and popped in to buy some 3D3 3d glasses after they were recommended by strapped for cash.

I`m thinking about finaly retiring my Denon 2500bt . :cry:
The loading times are starting to get to me. :mad:

I am trying to locate an alternative stand for the above, (i.e. stand fitted directly to the tv ). I have been using it with the tilt back speaker bar stand.