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Due to the layout of my room i need long runs of cable between my Dali speakers and a Marantz MCR 610.

Hi, i wonder can anyone help me with a couple of queries?

Hi folks.

I wonder could anyone help me with a question i have?

After buying a Marantz MCR610, and a pair of Dalis on the way, i need to sell off my old hifi gear to avoid cluttering up the house.

At the moment i am listening to, and enjoying, my newly purchased box of tricks, which is the Marantz M-CR610.

Hi, i wonder could i ask another couple of questions from the helpful and knowledgable users of this forum.

Hi, i need some advice.

I have just bought a Marantz MCR 610, and am in the process of setting it up.

Hi all' 

At present i am considering buying the Marantz M-CR610 all in one system for Christmas.

I also need to give some serious thought to speakers.