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Anyone no of a good place to get 24bit free music files from. Need to fill my hardrive. which i plug in to my blu-ray. Must be better than cd quality. Cheers

I nipped across from hifi to this forum as you guys will no more than i ever will on computers.

Help with these 2 units settings. Blu-ray (panasonic bdt130) pcm or bitstream. Tv (panasonic tx-p50x60b) pcm or auto. They will be connected as so.

Why does my integrated amp (onkyo a9050) have a built in dac. if like i was told optical and coaxial dont carry hi res audio? Cos i got a blu ray (panasonic bdt130) to play hi res music.


Most pre-sub-out's are found on a.v reciver's. Or least back in the day. But some integrated amp's have them now. Does this mean they have some sort of bass management inside.