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Hi! WHF seems to have implied that the Dalis IKON 6 MKII are a touch boring, that, in comparison with the former IKON 6, they have traded refinement for entusiasm.

I have come to the conclusion that my CD/SACD Marantz SA 8004, though sounds rich, detailed, refined, is soporificaly boring, very, very bad in the timing department.

Hey, people, need some advice!

I intend to buy the perfect speakers  :rockout: for Naim Nait 5i (just to be specific: I really mean the 5i not 5i).

Hey people, has anyone already auditioned the new KEF R-100 speakers?

Hi! Need some help here. Bought some MA GX50 to replace my trusty B&Ws 685, great speakers, but not so revealing and detailed to play symphonic music, at least for my ears.