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Does it work like previous versions in that I can download programs from the net and install them?

Tempted by this. Specs and features look impressive.

Anyone heard or used it? I've found very little info.

Never owned one before, not really used Android a great deal either.

Any good guides online or in store that will help me understand how to use it?

I'm considering a Nexus 7 as I usually use the net to browse the same handful of websites and send the occasional email.

I shall be fast-tracking over on Thursday morning.

Anyone here going? Any recommendations on who to see?

Similar to the active thread; news, reviews etc.

I have tried standard Apple ear phones (or is it head phones?) both new and old.
I was unable to keep either in my ear once I had worked up a sweat.

Following on from the ABX thread; when the only objective is to determine, by ear, which system/component produces the more preferable sound are there any situations where a sighted test would be s

I have a fair few electronic albums but was thinking I need more along the lines of Pet Shop Boys or Hercules & Love Affair, where the sound is more pop-friendly, and in slightly camp or light-