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I'm not one for taking a great deal of notice of lyrics but every so often I do.

Having updated my iPhone4s to IOS7 without issues last Thursday evening and having got used to it, I upgraded my iPad3 as well today.

Dominic & Ram of Studio AV in Eton spent a couple of hours demonstrating two pairs of speakers last Saturday. The second pair were Wilson Benesch's Square Twos.

Popped in a month ago - asking about suitable replacements for my Totem Arros - they suggested I listened to the Totem Sttafs. My girlfriend & I returned yestereday for a listen.

I was very surprised to read just how much it was! I invite you to guess before googling if you don't already know the (correct?) answer.

L & I dropped into Audio T in Brighton to listen to possible replacements for my Arros. Julian C suggested PMC's Twenty.24s & Naim's Ovator S-400s.

My newish Primare power amp is currently placed on top of my ancient Target rack for the simple reason I can easily access its rear mains switch.


I have just paid a seller a token deposit for a 3 month old power amp with his bank details he's given me using online banking.