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Searching the web I found that some are saying CDRs sound better than the original recordings.

Also make of blank disk can also make a difference (black disks are the best ?)


I am looking for opinions on best current popular music releases. - stuff that sounds well produced and does your system proud.





Anyone had experience of changing op amps. 


My old faithful amp has started to fail. Volume control is all over the place and its time for a change.


Looking for a new amp or a not to old second hand.



Have almost completed putting a budget system together and  looking to purchase cables


Coax - from Bluray to DAC


RCA - from CD to AMP




Thinking of taking a chance on this DAC. Do you think the spec any good ?




Iam looking for advice to improve stereo audio quality from my sky hdbox . Mostly for sat radio and music channels.




Looking to upgrade speakers for xmas - any ideas 


Will need to go on stands - thinking dm601s b+w ?


Amp - TEAC AV H500D



I am seeking advise on a centre speaker


Was thinking soundbar but guy in the audio shop advised against.