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Hi All.  I have a vintage receiver and speakers wired in two different rooms and am currently having to go back and forth to the living room to change tracks which is less than ideal when i'm sitti

Hi All.  My friend asked me to take a look at his speakers as he didn't think they were working so i tested them on my amp and hey presto they appear to be okay, albeit with an issue on the binding

For some reason i'm unable to reply to my thread I started the other day about the cambridge audio Topaz SR10 but here goes...

Hi All.  Im in the market for a new amp and the chap at Richersounds suggested the Topaz SR10.  Ive got a pair of Eltax Silverstone 200w floorstanders which aren't the best but more than adequate f

Hi All.  Im just about to buy a new TV (or my first TV actually) and apart from the troubles of deciding which one i'm also now thinking what should i do about sound as every new TV ive heard recen

Hi All.  Im in the market for a new (actually my first TV) for my living room and am confused by the selection on offer.  Budget wise I'd ideally go as cheap as possible but am hoping somewhere in

after the very good response i received to my other post regarding a budget amp for my setup (I should add that im now left in no clearer position thatn before - old or new, stretch the budget etc.

first off, apologies for starting yet another post but after reading through lots of posts on this site i feel my question is now much more specific than yesterday.

Hi All.  Im just about to move into my new house and before i get the carpets put down i want to run the cables for the speakers under the floor.  I was planning on making do with what i have now i