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Hey all,

Ellisdj has put an idea in my head of going after a pre/power rather than upgrading my speaker package. I'm giving some thought and having a look about.

Hey all,

I'm changing my speaker package. I like my Tannoys but I fancy a change.

what would you choose between a second hand, three year old Sony STR-DA5400ES and a brand new Sony STR-D1040?


I've just bought a new head unit and speakers for the motor.

I'm coming up empty on his one. I have IR equipment in my home cinema but the BOXEE, Lights and projector are RF. 

I was given 1000+ classical and opera records a few years ago, that i'm now going to sell (My missus and her kiddie wink are moving in with me and I need the space, otherwise the kid will be sleepi

Ok, so i've just started listening to my Gyro again, this week, for the first time in donkeys (bout a year and half) and I'd forgotten just how blummin' good it is.

Hey all,

A mate is asking my advice on this, but i'm out of the loop when it comes to new tvs, so i'mm passing it over to you lot!