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I've been offered these mighty standmounters for 700euros....

Bargain or stay away? :?

hello again,


I'm still wondering what the best set up is for my mini. I'm referring to the Audio Midi set up on the Mac. 

Hello again,  :wave:

Want cheap shirts?

Not prepared to pay ridiculous prices?

Buy one high quality shirt & take it to a dry cleaners in an upmarket area. 

Hi there,

a certain Mr Penguin :wave: has helped me already (audiolab 8000s thread), but I would still like some input from others concerning the Music Fidelity X10v3 tube buffer.

I've been offered an Audiolab 8000s for 300 euros (about 250pounds).

Hello again, 

 this is my second thread & I hope someone can help.

I've just bought a mac mini (the 500gb model).

Ok, so this is my first time posting on here.