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Haven't ask a newbie question in a while.

Why are separate PSU and/or speedbox that important?

people talk about less hum, better stability, speed control etc etc

what would be the best way to digitalise my records?  

Anyone have a recommendation for Miles Davis Kind of Blue album?

I'm moving my CM1 to my other room, old KEF not cutting it.

Listening space for floorstanders, 2-3ft from rear, 7ft apart, sitting 7ft away.


Whats all the fuss about with these non MM/MC cartridge?

I see the entry-level one is some 500pounds.

Just saw a used Denon Dp-60M, no cart, no S-arm, and the price is more than most modern entry level turntables.

Beautiful deck though. its not the picture one.

...whether your TT and the music it produces is at its best?

I found for my TT, I have way more options to play with compared to my CD player.

Hope you guys don't get too annoyed with all my posts.

I've been reading alot of forum topics recently and I'm curious how you guys come to describing your experiences with audio components....speakers, TT, cdp, DACs, amps, stylus, carts etc etc

(editted, 'Your system' too vague)

Just curious what TT (arm, cart, etc etc) you guys are using and more interestly, how long have you had it?

TT (arm, cart), AMP, Speakers