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Anyone else getting what seems to be a 'refresh' of the pages while scrolling or just after loading. My guess is that the O2 ad banner is the culprit.


using safari on iPad.

On order along with a Naim Stageline...tick tock...

I'll take a few pics and try posting them when they arrive.

I'd originally planned to pick up the Harbeth's once I'd moved but my trigger finger twitched last week and my Super HL5's arrived this morning.

Discovery Box Set arrived today, first impressions very good. Probably take more than a week to get through all 14 CD's!

I'd be interested to hear what NaimUniti owners are using as NAS or ripNAS-type devices? Are there any NAS's that are considered especially 'audio friendly'?

True Blue's recent post on his plans for 2011 made me think a general thread would make some interesting reading, so...

A few months ago I had a dedicated spur added for my hifi and thought it was about time I posted a few thoughts and observations.

My venerable Meridian Transport is starting to give way and while I'm sure Meridian could service it, the situation has got me thinking about a more 'modern' approach to my system.

Some of you might recall the recent sale of my Spendor A6 speakers - very sad to see these great speakers go but the room was just too small to accomodate them properly.