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This article is really interesting, and potentially opens the do

Here is a root and branch new approach to music. Fascinating !

The TV, which belongs to an elderly relative, just switched itself off. The power indicator light is 'On' but the TV does not switch on either via the front panel soft keys or the handset.

I plan to install a 20” TV in an alcove and am looking for a soundbar that I could use with it to improve the sound from the small TV.

I have a friend who has a BT broadband account and (after much discussion between us) swears by the security package that it comes with.

BT have recently upgraded the internet service in my exchange area and as a result my connection speed has now more than doubled to approaching ~ 20 Mb/s. (Happy).

We have a young bird (one of many) in our garden, that is clearly one of the daughters of a male blackbird.

I just checked with my web host company about whether they used cookies, given the new privacy legislation. They said that they did not, they used ‘Session Variables’ instead.

OK, I’m a reasonably intelligent guy, but I have a question for which the answer eludes me. Why do I need a Contract with a provider if I choose to purchase a new mobile phone ?

"Subject cannot be longer than 64 characters but is currently 67 characters long."

This is response when I tried posting forum response. Why ?