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Most of my listening is on high-quality Classical FM stations and FLAC files on my computer, and I run USB output from my computer through an Arcam rPAC to a Yamaha A-S500 that drives Monitor Audio

My primary music source is a set of vtuner stations from an iTunes playlist on my PC, most of which publish bit rates of 128Khz, but my favorite (RCO) shows 192K, and BBC3 shows 320k.

My office setup is my Dell Studio PC with a digital audio output connected to my old Onkyo TX-NR600 AV Receiver, recently liberated from my Home Theatre system.

I have this set up so that I can acess media on a wirelessly-connect PC (DLNA Server). When I click on the PC name in the DLNA Server Window,  a list of Windows Media folders appears.

I have a new Onkyo TX-NR609 with UWE-1 Wireless Adapter. My router has one computer directly addtached with an Ethernet Cable and another laptop that connects wirrelessly.

IPhone Videos have no picture when connected to USB port on Onkyo TX-NR609 . Audio works just fine.

Any advice for me?