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Hi All

I need advice for a amp that will get the best out of Focal 826V W.

Roksan Kandy K2 ,Audiolab 8200, Arcam A19. 

Hi All, I have been recomended these speakers and was wondering what amp would get the best sound out of them, i think i'm going down the bi wire route and cables around £5 per meter.

does any one know if  it cost to have a shop come round your house to test a hi fi set up ? and will they bring a selection of speakers and amps and good cable?

Cheers, Bob

Can anyone tell me why the Monitor Audio Bronze BX6 has not been reviewed by What hi fi? and do you think they will review them?


Thanks, Bob

Hi, i listen to funk,jazz,soul,reggae,60's&70's rock, hip hop and drum and bass .In that order of prefference.I'm building an extension on my house and want to get the music set up righ