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Basic question, I run my Spendors sat on spikes into the original floorboards in the Dining Room.  Never tried rubber feet, should that improve sound or is it best to stick with the spikes?

I've always had the Equaliser in iTunes switched off but tonight I stumbled across the 'Sound Enhancer' setting in iTunes.

Anyone picked up the new Depeche Mode album?  Just given a first play to the standard edition CD ripped lossless.  Each song certainly had that - 'hmm, would like to hear that again'.

Yep - I've definitely got the upgrade bug.

All - I'm looking for the above cable - majority of the time it seems a new version of this cable retails at over £100 but then I stumbled across the below - am I missing something or is this just

I've just upgraded my speaker cable from Silverscreen to Rumour 2 - initial impression must admit that prefer the sound through the Silverscreen although concious a couple of factors could be biasi

I've been looking at some Chord Chameleon Plus Interconnects and if you buy new they come with 'VEE' plugs which come in at over £100.

Quick one out of curiosity - how do you leave your amp when not in use - powered on or on Standby?