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 ive got the flu hence a lot of spare time and possible delusion  Smile

  Has anybody tried bone conduction earphones for running, cycling or even swimming?

 one of my 8 powers has started flashing its led red when i try to switch it out of standby, in standby its just the normal constant red.

 am i right in remembering that its hand tight via screwdriver then back a quarter turn or is this more a manufacturer specific thing? has anyone experienced any loosening on oldish speakers?

 as the title says im curious about trying a tt.  My amp is cyrus pre xp with psxr and two eight powers, speakers are dynaudio audience 52se.

i have recently upgraded from a cyrus 8sv2 to a pre xp and 8 power. i am happy with the improvements and especially happy at the greater depth of sound i get at low volumes.

As threads about what music we all listen to seem popular and are great for widening our tastes could you please look into the following;.. i was on another website recently (i wont mention any nam

i have a cyrus 8vs2 running with a psxr, i use a chord superscreen on the amp itself and i am happy with it. Does anyone know if adding another to the psxr would make any differerence?