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I recently upgraded my speakers which has got me thinking about the rest of my system. Of the components below, what's the weakest link?


Squeezebox Classic using FLAC

I want to introduce a subwoofer to my stereo setup for use as a 2.1 when watching films.  Just need a quick check with you guys to see if I’ve got a few connection issues right.


I've had my Bowers & Wilkins 602S3 for some years, and I really do like them.  Alas, its time to get some smaller speakers, as these are just too big and are not compatible with a toddler.

I've had a re-jig of my second and third systems in the house.

Hello all,

Well, as above really, I'm getting a very very small electic shock from the metal facia of my amp.  Amp works fine.

Hi all,

I have a Rotel pre-amp and a Rotel RB06 power amp powering B&W 602S3 speakers.  

Hello.  Bit of advice on integration before I spend any money.

I am having to move my amp further away from my speakers, so need to get some new speaker cable.  5m/run will do.

Here are some pics of my set up in my lounge and my kitchen.  I've mainly got two set ups as I have no where for my turntable in my lounge, and I got the kitchen system (less the turntable) for £40