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Would like to wish Roy Hodgson the best of luck to prove his critics wrong, and would also like to 'hope' that there might be a enough public disgust at today's Sun headline, that

Have to say I've come late to the Springsteen party, having not really got into him until about 10 years ago. Understandably I thought his best work was behind him these days, however...

Hi all,

Option A, was hoping some of you may have some experience and / or opinions on a decent set of ceiling speakers to partner a ZP120 in a bathroom ceiling.

I'm not going to bore you with a list of my record collection, but suffice to say that I consider myself a lover of 'proper' music and the manufactured pop of The X Factor is the polar opposite of

Just wandered off to look at the cds whilst Mrs D compared brocolli and found these....


Exile On Main St -2010 2 cd digipak - Rolling Stones £5