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All is on the title!  Smile


Hello again hifi experts!

I just "finalized" my hifi setup with the following elements:

- Linn Majik DSM

- Tannoy DC8

- Audioquest Rocket 44

New flat called for a new stereo! Just got my new Linn Majik DSM and Tannoy DC8 system a month ago and enjoy every seconds with them:

Just a quick recommendation for The Home Cinema Centre in Edinburgh who helped me find my dream stereo!


Dear enthusiats,


This is for my first "serious" stereo so please be gentle!  :wave: 


I just just got my first real stereo after saving for quite a few years:

Hi There,


I'm just back from audiotioning a couple of speakers in different shops, and I have short-listed the 3 following speakers:

- PMC 22

- B&W PM1