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If I were to buy a new TT in the new year, what options do i have, both used and new?

having just recently got the whole vinyl thing, i started off with a direct drive TT as i wanted the ability to adjust the pitch if it were neccessary, as in the past i'd had turntables (belt drive

having spent a few mins searching on gumtree in my lunch break, i happened to find an old Nagaoka cart for sale, just a few miles from where i live, so after a few emails, i arranged to collect on

I just thought i'd post this,as i've just stumbled upon a website that sells vinyl among other things, if you are a rock/metal fan it it definitely worth a look.

Morning people, I have a quiery regarding the Leema Pulse I phono stage.

i've recently seen the rp6 on offer for 499 on ebay, and i must say i'm very tempted.

is this TT as good as it gets for that sort of money?

i've decided to buy some of my favourite albums on Vinyl as this little turntable of mine keeps delivering the goods.

I've not had my turntable long, after having a very long break from owning a turntable.

is this a massive backward step for everyone, or is it just me that thinks its the worst "upgrade" ever.

I'm really struggling to keep my new vinyl clean.

the cleaning brushes i have seem to be making the issue worse rather than better.