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My amp came not sorking from eBay and waiting fo ra mate who's an electronic engineer to have a look at it but busy with work at the mo..

I've been trying tons of different amps and speakers etc and finally found the amp i'm happy with (Electrocompaniet PI2) and will be trying some diffrent speakers next year to get that perfect too.

3.1m x 2.5m is the exact size of the room I will be using as a listening room in a few months..

I miss the 'fun' sound that i got from my old entry level hifi ie.

I currently have a Cyrus pre / power setup.

I've heard various people say that Cyrus (and other high end brands) pre amps aren't as good as their power amps and to try others, but never had anyone ACTUALLY say what they've tried/heard..



Just bought a Naim ND5 XS streamer to run into my Cyrus Pre/Power.