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I will need a 12-15m cable to connect my projector to the AV receiver. Which is better of the 2?:

Active HDMI cable or
HDMI over Cat6 cable extender balun?

Try codes:


Only the 3rd code worked for me, and I registered using account details.

Bought Pacific Rim 3D for £9.52! 

Has anyone got Philips Hue or Rako lighting system installed? Pros and cons of each? I'm not able to decide between the two.

My HTC one is creating lots of problems (top 20% of the screen isn't working, internet drops randomly). This is my 2nd bad experience. So I've decided to never buy an HTC again.

Thr flooring fitter has quoted me £20 per square metre for installing engineered wood and bamboo flooring. It looks a bit steep to me. What should be the cost of fitting the floors?

This is supposed to be Samsung's flagship 1080p flat TV:

Panasonic showed off its OLED prototype at IFA, with LG panel. It's clear that Panasonic isn't interested in manufacturing OLED panels in the short to medium term.

I received the plans from the installer. His charges are way over my budget! I think I'll consider the £200 I paid him as the design fees and undertake the project myself.