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So's The Wife....


When can we expect our mid-life crisis'?

I'm already thinking about doing my Motorbike license..... :?

Also available in 3 monthly instalments of  £223.32. P&P is an extra £20 on top though.

If you were stuck in traffic heading towards the Dartford Bridge yesterday afternoon...... Now you know why......


... for £30. It looks like a fairly nifty bit of kit.

In that time, I've changed my Arcam CD72T & A65+ for the Arcams listed below. Replaced speaker cables & interconnects. Played loads of gigs and had 4 jobs.....  :shifty:


Totally agree, one of the funniest American comedies to make it onto mainstream TV.

A few years back, my Dad expressed a wish to bin his enormous Technics midi system (twin tape, Massive EQ, the lot) for a smaller all-in-one.... Fair enough.

Watching the old Robert Redford film 'Sneakers' on BT vision/ Youview, and the display on my amp says 'Dolby Digital+'.

Don't recall ever seeing the + before.