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Hello - we're considering buying a tablet for our son (4 y/o) for christmas.

David James MBE (in bankruptcy)'s collection is available:

Hi - does anyone have a OnePlus One?  Given how little I use my phone, it seems that a cheaper one a better option.  My main use is for photos of the kids.

Reduced from £30.

from (owned by carphone warehouse). Multiple pesky redemptions needed.  If you don't send off the relevant bills it costs £33/month.



Howdy. My trusty Canon 450D kit lens has died a death.  Autofocus no longer works... (Lens motor, not camera, issue) 

Has anyone ever looked inside a Sonos? My darling son accidentally knocked a zonebridge down a flight of stairs and it's flashing a green light.

My trusty HTC One S is nearing the end of its useful life.  The memory is full, it inexplicably heats up (goes north of 43 degrees c when the battery goes below 15%), and the USB

My new play5 arrived today and it isn't connecting. It works in the hallway but won't stretch to the kitchen. I have two other Sonos zones, BTW.