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its saying access denied when i try to read reviews and the new layout makes it hard to find the reviews i'm looking for. dont tell me we gotta pay now?????

Hi all I'm connecting a tivo box via optical into arcam irdac into amp and the audio is about half a second ahead of the picture. Same thing happens when watching a blue ray on ps3.

Hi all I have Dali Zensor 5 speakers sitting on thick carpet. The spikes don't make it to the concrete floor. I'm wondering how this will affect the sound.

Hi all, I'm considering either the q acoustic 2050i or dali Zensor 5 to go with the pm6005 but worry the amp isn't powerful enough to drive them. I'm a newbie to the world of hifi.

Hello hifi dudes...first post on this highly informative forum. Some advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated!