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deleting duplicte post.

deleting duplicate

I got my brand new D3020 deivered today via Amazon ($499). I am yet to start auditioning  the speakers....

The setup I had earlier before moving over to United States was Marantz PM6003, WhARFEDALE 9.5 floorstanders and Project Debut III TT (5M Cartridge). I was very happy with the sound. I just broght...

Thanks for the response. Yes, DALI  was certainly in my mind. How dows DALI Zensor 3 compare with Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 when paired with NAD Amplifiers. Thanks Again

I am a budding audiophile. I own a Project Debut III turntable , a Rega Fono Mini Phono Stage and would like to purchase an ampifier and a pair of speakers to driver them....