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Possibly a little early but it's (very nearly!) that time of year again.


That's some pretty tough sanctions. 

Do you live near me?

Interesting idea:

I've been having problems this week playing spotify through sonos. It seems to have coincided with new software / controller coming out, I think on Tuesday.

Got this email today:


Nothing to do with hifi / av but just received an email from Charles Tyrwhitt reminding me I have a £20 off voucher I haven't used and telling me I'm allowed to share it.

Logitech emailed me a code for 30% off a wide variety of products. I'm not going to use it so anyone else can feel free.

Anyone used before? Or any idea where they source their goods from?


Large selection, including a lot of good stuff and not just super-cheap stuff. The pick (for me) is the recent release of Walkabout, which would cost £15 on its own.