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New to me, after the CLK350 got "shortened".

Weekend before last we added a small cat to the household, courtesy of the local SPCA.  Five bucks for the cat, two hundred bucks for the bed, the litter tray (with roof and privacy door, naturally

If you're planning to fly to the eastern US or southern Canada in the next few days, Hirricane Arthur could delay you.


Rear ended someone last night. 

The Merc is probably a write-off (the parts being worth more than the whole).

BBC America has a new trailer out, featuring the BBC's flying penguins.  I guess no-one told them it was an April Fools...

So on Friday night, 'er indoors decides she wants to go to the pictures.

After searching the net to see what's on, she spots the new Russel Crow "Noah".

I probably won't be able to for obvious geographic reasons.

So who's going to go then?

Dance 4

Any tips for a 48 year old complete and utter novice skier?