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I personally feel I'm not going to get more out of the RP1 and now have over 100 great LPs and a crate of 12" singles too.

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on what to get for around £500-550 to replace my pioneer lx-50 which cost me around that price originally.

Ok so I'm hopeful of getting special usb ports as although I have an rpac and the usb cable that came with it I still worry about the power coming from my usb ports and the shoddy cheap metal const

Hello, I'm really just looking for advice on what exactly would be classed as better than the xonar ST in terms of noise levels and crackles as I'm getting a slight crackle in the tweeters on some

How is the DAC on this one and what does it compare to in spec purely?

Is it better in terms of clout than say a Nad c326bee or Marantz pm6004?

I got this for £181 shipped with a stepdown transformer.

I wish spotify had the left side of the screen for the browser we know and love and the right bottom for a streamed video with each song where available and the top right a kind of integrated listd

Ok I will try to keep this as simple as I can.

I was wondering what kit/cables/source the wise and helpful Andrew Everard uses at his place.

Hello I have the Marantz for my KEF Q500 floorstanders which I love and wondered if the knocking sound the speakers start to make above 50% volume is because the Marantz isn't upto the job of contr