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I have a project debut II with and upgraded stylus to an om10. Didn't upgrade the cartridge though. Is it worth upgrading more and what can I upgrade or should I buy a new TT? Ta.

Just got one of these off ebay for 46 quid as the built in one on my Marantz amp sounded weedy. I'm proper blown away by the improvement. 

I want a universal player that can play sacd, dvd-a and cds. Not fussed about dvds. I have an old Pioneer DV-688 which i'm not sure about audio wise.

I have a Marantz PM6005 amp along with an old Pioneer DV668AV universal player. My Marantz amp isn't meant to be able to manage DTS. However, when i play some dts cds i have they play.

I have a project debut II turntable which has a non dial type counterweight which is 62g. The non dial one makes setting the downforce difficult. Can i replace the non dial one with a dial one?