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What do you think mates?

i listen to rock and metal music.

speakers are b&w 684

I am currently using a rotel rb 1080 and RC 1550, and planning to upgrade to a Bryston B100SST integrated amp.

is it a good decision or shall i hold on to my rotels? Thanks mates.

I already have the dentons. They are exceptional speaker in terms of sound and build quality. I happen to see a MA RX1 in piano black gloss, lovely speakers too. How was it compared to dentons?

My current system:

rotel ra04se as preamp

rotel rb1080 as power amp

denon dcd 1650 cd player

b&w 684

monitor audio br6


Would this be a good pair. I am currently using a sansui au d907g extra as my amplifier for the 684.

will the nad drive them better?

i'm into metal and rock music.

Need your input mates.


i'm into metal and rock


I have an old onkyo tx sr875 and currently using MA BX center for HT, now I intend to upgrade to a new B&W htm62. Would the 85db sensitivity wouldn't be a problem for my onkyo?

Am I going the right path? Or is the upgrade sideways?

What improvements would I benefit?