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I’ve been thinking for a while about getting myself a speaker dock and / or a ipod dock (for my 160gb Classic) but as yet not pulled the trigger partly because I’ve just got a Samsung Galaxy S3 as

Found these on ebay, some one has to get them and give them a review!


Play are doing

For those who didn't get the email, use foxfilm20 for 20% off selected Blu Rays at

There are a few deals around on Sonos equipment; they seem to be selling off the old named stock so been thinking about picking some up.

What are people thoughts on the Panasonic TX-P50UT30B? It’s a 50” 3D plasma and can be currently got for £750 in Currys.


I have a Rotel RA-1070 amplifier with a pair of Kef Q500, I currently use my old Pioneer CD recorder but I’m looking for a new (or second hand) CD player.


Beginning of the end for CD players, though I think DAB is far more important than that at the moment.

You'll need to be quick!