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I was reading the reports at last month's Bristol show on Hifi Critic, and the Proac D2's were described as a new product.

I've just received a new pair of Boston Acoustics A25 speakers to have fun with until I make a decision on more permanent solution.

Hello! I've already posted some questions about the Proac D1 and D2, but haven't got any reply, probably because not too many people have experience with these speakers.

Hello all!

It has been awhile since I've posted here, but I would really appreicate your input on these speakers.

What are your experiences with dealers like?

Have you guys ever heard of this french hifi company called Atoll?

Many thanks to those who have been extremely helpful towards building a new setup, but I've decided to do what you've advised me not to do!

Rega Apollo, Naim Nait5i, and Rega R3.

Here in the States, there have been some massive discounts on Cambridge Audio electronics throughout the range. Should I expect to see the V.3 soon?

Alright fellas,