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For an easy(ish) to understand look at how a speaker works , check this out

Have you ever been that familiar with a track or album that hearing it almost becomes a cliche  and maybe causes a sigh ?


Not really HI-Fi but for a good cause,I`m looking for a dab radio with remote control for my mother-in-law who has mobility problems.

I have an opportunity to upgrade my Proac Response D18 speakers to the D28`s for an additional outlay of about a grand.

I`ve just done a quick check on how much it would cost to replace my kit with new like for like and it comes to a rather eye watering sum of around £9000  :O .My home insurance is up for renewal ne

My Panasonic BD-75 has started having problems with playback of Blu-Ray movies,it will freeze then sometimes jump forward by several minutes,sometimes it will allow you to rewind to the previous po

I have my music files on a NAS drive RAID configured and also backup to an external USB HDD but being a little OCD  :grin: I decided to have a look at Cloud storage as an extra measure.

My TV is a Panasonic TX-P42G30B 42 " plasma and Blu Ray is a Pana BD75. Would I get an appreciable difference in PQ/SQ by upgrading my player ?

I would like to dip my toe into the murky waters (to me ) of classical music.