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Hi all, I've not posted here for ages so hope you are all doing well.


i have decided to get a retro amp to go with my b&w 601 s2's.... this is mainly based on looks alone, they look cool and all retro.


Hi all, I am very intrested in this product, it ticks all the boxes for a simple wireless solution, for both me and my parents who are looking something wireless and non-techy for their home.

hi all, i'm asking this for a friend of mine..... he is looking to buy  LM396 and 74HC14 Integrated circuits in the uk.




i have read the house rules but cant quite work it out.


are we allowed to post links to songs on youtube? is it a blanket 'no', or are there exceptions? 

recently discovered his music and am loving it.


on facebook search for Gramatik, on his band page is a download link and an option for donations.


hi all,


I recently sold my beresford tc-7510 on ebay...... the sale went well and i sent the item next working day and the buyer received it two days later.