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Hello guys , hey im very much mindful of the good things being talked about in regards to dual subwoofers for home theatre rigs as well as 2 channel music.I have the chance to purchase new or used

Hello guys , hey just wanted to get an opinion or few about my running a 4 ohm centre speaker with my 8 ohm fronts and any thoughts about being careful about , well any concerns.

hi guys , hey im trying to figure out with some feedback from anyone about keeping my velo spl1200r and getting a 2nd sub,a svs sb13ultra and combining the 2 to give me a greater frequency range an

Hi there guys , It's been awhile since I have been on but I had an experience the other day , thursday , and cleaned up my cabling which has been very messy .

hi guys , i have a question for the more enlightened than I... I have a bluray player and a ac few cables ,my question is  ,isit better to use the best ac power chord i have on the bluray player?

hi there guys,i am interested in thoughts about using speaker level input for subwoofer and the sound quality compared to line level.Does anyone have experience with any of these setups for hi-fi a

hi guys , im interested to hear any thoughts on the usage of power conditioners and power cables  for home theatre and hi-fi setups...I use a few decent power cables but am mindful of for me at lea

 hi guys ,recieved a pair of bookshelf speakers with 16cm morel bass/mid bass drivers and the manufacterer says the will take 40-60 hours of driving to make them pliant and run in but they were so

hi guys , does anyone have any experience with the anti-mode cinema or anti-mode in general , i use the velodynes EQ setup and the Yamaha's EQ as well , is the anti-mode a different bit of kit alto