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Is anyone here familiar with the phono preamp Jasmine LP 2.0, in particular the SE version? And how does it perform in comparison with Creek OBH 15 and Rega Fono MM V2?

Hi guys!

I was wondering whether anyone here has had any experience with the phono-pre Jasmine LP 2.0, in particular the SE version. 

Hi guys!


Is anyone here familiar with Denon POA2400 stereo power amp, POA6600A power monoblocs, and Yamaha C-60 preamp?

Hello everyone,


Throughout my long journey in finding the "right" amp, I bumped into the Hegel H300, which just made my day.


Does anyone know where can I make an audition of Heco the New Statement or the Statement in Greater London area?



Although there had already been some discussion of Primare amps on this forum, I still couldn't quite grasp the sound character of Primare Pre 30.



I'm currently choosing between MF M6i, Rotel RC-1580/RB-1582, and TEAC IA-3000 amplifiers to feed my Heco The New Statement.

Good evening,


I am considering buying either Dali Ikon7 MK2 or Acoustic Energy Aelite 3.