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I am stuck, please help!

i have bought a Panasonic viera TX L42E6B and am trying to put the sound through my 2 channel audio amp. I cant get any sound through the speakers. 

Does anyone recommend increasing ballast or know the general guidelines for quantity based on cabinet volume?


Has anyone has their equipment upgraded via the MF fine tuning service?

i would be interested to hear from you. 




Seas drivers are held in very high regard. Does anybody know which manufacturers use them? 



Has anyone had a decent discount on new hardware? Cyrus seems to be well discounted but that to me suggests either over supply, new model on its way or lack of customer interest.

Have I detected a few members who are not fans of Cyrus products? Any reason why?

I would be interested in a WHFSV review of an amp from the Wyred4sound range. Type D amplification with massive power and a compact size.

The little red man who dances and lives in the smiley section is really starting to annoy me.