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Does anyone has idea about the phono stage of Yamaha AS500. Is it any good?

Meery Christmas and Happy New Year To All

Well it is out for a couple of month. Got fairly good reviews.Wonder when WHF will review the product?Does anyone has any Experience?


Which one will be better match for my system .It is not possible to do a demo. I presently lack the hi frequency . which one will have a sense of sparkle to it.

Within a range of 300-400 gbp what is the best possible DAC?

Is there any difference in SQ for the type of connection used?

Is banana plug is better than bare wire or vice verse?

Which one is better metallic or wooden speaker stand for bookshelf?


Help me out in choosing between these two CDP (marantz cd5004 or CA 350c)for the yamaha as500 + kef combo?

Mostly listen to hard rocks and jazz!

I own a yamaha as500 hooked with kef Q100 . Couldnt find out whether its warm or bright?

What sort of speaker will go with yamaha as500 warm or bright?