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Welcome here.U from which part. Not many indians here good to see one . Give ur budget and listening style?  

In my early days of listening it was old Hindi music from kishore Kumar ,lata and international pop from boyzone,backstreet boys ,MJ, enigma then moved to rock classics from Pink Floyd,Nirvana,...

Partially from profx the speaker from there. Yamaha from a dealer. Your from SKS I suppose . I auditioned the Dali but liked zensor 1 more . what other speakers did u try.


Good to see another bengali here who share the same passion. R u by any chance in kolkata...Did u fix the problem?

Ushers S520 BK one of the fav budget speaker... Good luking and great sounding

Try Usher S520 pair it up with Nad D3020. You can make use of the dac with the Tv. The bookshelf are very good. Happy hunting

Get a very good standmounter for that price. And if feel bass light you can always add a subwoofer later to boost.

Technically my mobile can play hires. But there is no mention of this in the site

Playing some flac through the 3.5mm to amp . they sound nice. can anyone confirm my suspicion?

More tracks its working fine. Does anyone has any ideas?