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Just found out by visiting the Sevenoaks website, that my local branch is closing down.

Just recently on my Panasonic gt30, I went to have a look at the 3d demos on the market, but it says its no longer available.

After purchasing my new sony S790 blu ray player, I noticed on the home screen, which is nearly completely black, some green flashing pixels when viewed up close.

I decided to upgrade my Panasonic BD210 to the latest Sony S790, and I am truly blown away as to how good this player is.

Just turned my GT30 on today and was prompted to update the software, it updated from version 1.218 to 1.219, does anybody know what this update was for? I cant find anything online.

Its only a couple of months since I got my GT30,and yet the newer model the GT50 is out which seems even better. A touch of bad timing for me, wish I had waited a few more months for this model.

I currently have a Sony KDL-40W3000, I calibrated my picture with settings I got from another site and im quite happy with them.  I am thinking of upgrading to a 3D tv at some point, but cant find

I recently purchased the Tacima mains conditioner from Amazon, I have been having problems with my neighbours cb interfering with my surround sound, which is becoming very annoying.  Apart from the