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I av recently moved property and av a naim nac 202 nap 200 a cyrus cd xtse + transport with psx r power supply this is connected to my naim dac with a chord signature digital interconnect my speake

Ive just purchased some pmc 24 loudspeakers on ebay which were ex dem pair in a shop ive noticed one of the vents for transmission line doesnt fit as neat as other i mean the corner on one side is

Can anybody tell me which speakers will improve my set up detail imaging more than i av got now the system is naim pre/power amp nac202/nac200 cyrus cd xtse+ transport connected to my naim dac loud

I am using a naim nac200 nap 200 pre power amp to drive monitor audio GR 20 loudspeakers approx 10 yr old cost around 1500 when new the main source is Cyrus cd xtse+ transport connected thru my nai

Hi all i need help with a loudspeaker upfgrade currently im using a system consisting of cyrus cd xtse + cd transport this is connected to my naim dac which is then connected to my naim nac 202 /20

Can anybody please tell me if the design of the base plate altered on partington super dreadnought after 2004/5 as i was wondeeing did the base plate on the stand ave the resin filled compound in p

Should partington super dreadnoughts be filled with sand atacama artrabites or used unfilled for optimum sound

Will this cyrus transport work well with my naim dac

Should i  buy  flatcap 2 for my nac 202 preamp was gonna buy napsc but seen flatcap 2 on ebay for same money